Zoey & Wrigley


Zoey & Wrigley

Ready to go west



Well, we made it.


That’s what I just said, Zoey! Ugh, stop it!

Sorry. I am excited.

Me too. We’ve been talking about it forever, and then we took a break after we got here… But finally we’re ready to talk about what happened…

We arrived! So then what did we do?

We took a walk to “get our bearings.”

When you say it in quotes it defeats the purpose of a euphemism.


I’m stopping this.

We took a walk around our neighborhood and smelled where Colleen lived

We smell someone familiar!

We smell someone familiar!

and looked around and of course I went limp like a rag doll whenever My Lisa tried to take a picture.


We refuse to cooperate in pictures.

And some of us were feeling celebratory about arriving in Hollywoof, so we marked the occasion by taking pictures in very Hollywood sunglasses.


That’s Sarah. She’s funny. This is My Lisa:


But I really didn’t even want to put this picture in here because she looks crazy.

Lisa makes me laugh!

Yes, she makes you laugh. She makes me embarrassed.So, we spent time out on our new deck. I really like it so far.

Surveying my new kingdom.

Surveying my new kingdom.

Inside, there was still nothing but our air mattress.

Zoey contemplates life, and  whether or not she is fat.

Zoey contemplates life, and whether or not she is fat while Sarah naps.

I’m just very fluffy.

When will our furniture arrive?

When will our furniture arrive?

I like our place. It’s big and we can run around as much as we please.

It’s dirty.

My Lisa has to clean the floors but it is California. We’re here!



What? I have a very narrow face.

So pretty.

So pretty.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but Zoey actually wore those better than I did.

You’re welcome.

That’s… That’s not how it goes. Sigh.

I’ve been adjusting

I know that you’ve been very worried about what has happened to us since we arrived in California.

I’ve been adjusting.

Let me go back to where I left off:

As we drove into Los Angeles, My Lisa stopped so we could get a last drink of water and so she and Sarah could get a drink, too. We were in the desert. It was very, very hot.


We are good at sharing water.

I was just glad to get out of the crate.

Nobody cares about what you wanted. I was nervous because My Lisa was nervous.

There were lots of new things to look at in the city!

That's not Sears Tower.

That’s not Sears Tower.

Yeah. And palm trees. My Lisa had to go and get electricity turned on at the actual office, because she is so smart to have a lockdown on her credit. Nobody can open a new account in her name without her being physically present. Even her.

Then we went to our new home and met our new landlord, Burnell. He was happy to see us. Sarah was happy to get her bearings. There was nothing in our new place… except an inflatable mattress and a fun sign from our friend Colleen!



We know her from Chicago and I was happy to smell a friend in the new place.

When we all tried to get on the bed, My Lisa called it a raft and Sarah laughed and laughed. Of course, I ended up sleeping in the crate.


There is no justice, even in California.

Sarah went out to get My Lisa and Zoey and I some staples for the fridge and towels for the bathroom and paper towels for the kitchen and some cleaning supplies. I didn’t know why, I loved being able to run around the floors without caring if we got anything dirty!

This is our Harry Potter closet. Someone could live under here!

This is our Harry Potter closet. Someone could live under here!

My Lisa and Zoey and I spent time on our new deck. I liked taking in the view.


Italy? Or Hollywoof Hills?

What’s an Italy?

Sigh. Some of us are cultured. Some of us are just small minded.

Some of us were hungry.

Yes! We were. My Lisa fixed our suppers in our dish and then Sarah decided we should have a fun delivery of sushi. Except My Lisa and Sarah had no idea where to order from. So My Lisa is so smart she used something called Yelp.

That’s the sound you make when I chase you.

Shut up, Zoey! God! Anyway, by the time the food came, My Lisa was so tired from the anxiety and excitement and general overwhelming experience that she could barely enjoy the floor sushi picnic.


Our Sushi Picnic.


My Lisa was a little overwhelmed.*
* crazy

We ended our first day in Los Angeles tired, worn out and wondering about why some of us had to sleep in the crate.

I didn’t wonder about that. I snuggled down between Sarah and Lisa on the raft.

Sigh. Our first night in Los Angeles! We made it.

I love you, Roo.

I’m sorry, I can’t hear you FROM THE CRATE.

hee hee.


the home stretch

After we went to the really big hole, we stayed in Phoenix for the night. It was hot.

We arrived at the hotel and of course Zoey was waffling. I was ready to get out of the car, but even at night it was hot. I was surprised. Zoey and I did not waste any time getting our bearings.

This room was quite large and we had the air conditioning turned up nice so we could relax. I fell asleep right away.



I like a nice, big, soft bed in a cool room. Zoey was playing with a toy for the first time since we left.

I am getting the hang of hotels.

Yes, yes, Zoey. That is great. This was the last night we were staying in one.


Never mind.

We ate (I had supper in bed) and then went right back to sleep. What a long day after the Grand Canyon. So tired. We slept straight through the night and in the morning went for a short walk. It was already hot!

My Lisa loaded up the car and we got on the road. It wasn’t too long to Los Angeles. Zoey and I slept a lot because we were still tired from our trip to a national park the day before. At one point my Lisa and Sarah turned off the air conditioning because they were worried about making it to the next gas station. We made it fine. There is not a lot happening in the desert.

One Way West

One Way West

More desert.

More desert.


Sky Trails or Reflections?

Sky Trails or Reflections?

Hazy Clouds

Hazy Clouds

A Joshua Tree?

A Joshua Tree?

At the gas station we stopped at, Sarah got drinks and My Lisa put more gas in the car. It was HOT. We didn’t even want to get out of the car to go potty. There was a museum for General Patton with lots of tanks. We gave many tanks for the pit stop. See what I did there?

No. What did you do?

Sigh. Never mind.

General Hottie

General Hottie

As we got closer to California, Lisa became uneasy. I know this because I am very attuned to her. I know when she is happy, when she is sad, when she is thirsty, when she is lonely and when she wants me to stop barking (though I don’t always).

Sarah said “Can you believe we are in your home state?”



My Lisa got very anxious. She asked Sarah if it was okay to have two home states. I don’t know what any of this means. I am enjoying our trip and I can’t wait to go back home to our house in Chicago.

We aren’t going back, Wrigley.


What did you think all the boxes and tape and bubble wrap was for?


Now I am anxious.

I’m still waffling.


a picnic.

While we were driving through Oklahoma City, Sarah said she wanted to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. My Lisa said she wanted a big salad. I decided I would enjoy a big salad as well.

I also would enjoy a big salad, later.

More on that later, piggy.

So my Lisa used her cell phone and a tiny woman named Siri who lives in her phone gave Sarah directions and they found it. There were no parking spaces in the shade. Sarah was smart and remembered curbside pick up. So they ordered salads, my Lisa helped Zoey and I get our bearings while we waited for the food.

It was hot.

Yes, Zoey. That’s why we couldn’t stay in the car while they went inside to eat. Also because you probably would have barked and barked and barked the entire time making a spectacle of yourself.

But you’re the one who barks, right?

Shut up, Zoey! Anywho, we were good pups when the server came to deliver our food because my Lisa was smart and was giving us treats through an open window on the other side of the car. Sarah had not yet learned of her penchant for moral hazards with water spritzers.

After we picked up our salads, we drove to a park Siri had told us was nearby. We had a picnic!

I sat under a tree on a blanket.

it was nice and breezy.

it was nice and breezy. 

Yes. And I saw my Lisa still picking out twigs and whatnot from that blanket this morning.

You were in a cage.

Zoey! I was not. I was in our very special “pup tent” that we took into the hotel every night so I could sleep in peace.

Except that one night that Lisa put a comforter on top and by the morning it had slowly collapsed and you were sleeping in a narrow space the size of –

Yes, Zoey! The very same one! Shut up.

It fits me perfectly. Someone is too big to really be comfortable in it.

look at how much extra room i even have

look at how much extra room i even have

So some of us really enjoy the pup tent. Some of us even continue to sleep in it once we arrived in LA. Some of us aren’t big and fat and hairy and sprawl on the bed sideways and leave no room for other dogs.


It was a lovely day in the park. There were children playing on a playground and grown men playing basketball nearby. Sarah and my Lisa laid down blankets so we didn’t get dirty and then proceeded to make dinner. Sarah had a yummy cobb salad with bleu cheese. My Lisa had a veggie salad. While they were sitting on the ground, my Lisa prepared our suppers in our travel dishes. How handy!

Sarah gave us lots of water to drink.

not thirsty

not thirsty 

I felt like I was far away from you guys.

Duh. You were. Your leash was tied around a tree so you didn’t run off like an idiot.

I was lonely.

WE COULD SEE YOU! You were like ten feet away. We were just sitting in the shade of a huge, very old tree a ways away.

My Lisa had everything she needed to make us a yummy supper in our dish. She even gave us some of her cheese from her salad. At the last minute I decided not to have a big salad like my Lisa, but to eat my kibble and pumpkin instead.

She didn’t give you any of her salad.

Oh my gosh, Zoey, SHUT UP!

It was a lovely meal. The breeze was blowing in my fur –

– through your crate.

Yes. Through my crate.

nom nom nom

nom nom nom

I finally decided to eat. It was good.

Me too. After Sarah put some of her yummy cheese in my dish. That tasted good.

nom nom nom

nom nom nom

We had a really good time. Sarah and my Lisa needed a break from the driving and I needed a break from all the napping I had been doing. What did you need a break from, Zoey?


I agree.

time for an after dinner treat

time for an after dinner treat

We sat around for a bit and rested, and then we started packing up. Sarah saved half of her salad for later. Sarah took us on a short sniff around to get our bearings again and then we hopped back in the car and drove to the Residence Inn in Amarillo, Texas. My Lisa kept calling it Armadillo. I didn’t want to correct her.

That made me laugh.

I’m glad you had an enjoyable time at the park, Zoey. Because later you were a VERY BAD GIRL.

I thought it was pretty awesome.

I just bet you did. While my Lisa was in the shower, and Sarah ran out to the car to get something she forgot, ZOEY DID SOMETHING AWFUL.


Zoey. Tell everyone what you did.

Well, Sarah has a puppy named Tea who is very cute, even though I growl at her sometimes through my crate when she just sits there staring at me and playing with my toys.

Zoey. Get back to the horrible, terrible, no good very bad thing you did.

So Sarah is used to keeping food up very high. But Sarah said to me “I don’t need to worry about keeping food away from you, do I?” when she went out to the car.


She needed to worry.

Yes. Yes she did.

You know what I just realized, Wrigley?

Sigh. What, Zoey?

At the end of the day, I was the one who got to eat salad.

(click here to see Wrigley’s reaction)

seeing sights.

When you drive across country, there are lots of things to see.

I saw waffles a lot of the time.

No, Zoey! I mean things to see outside the car.

When we were in Albuquerque we saw tumbleweed at a park!

ooo-wee-ooo-wee-ooo, wah wah wah

ooo-wee-ooo-wee-ooo, wah wah wah

It didn’t really tumble. It just kind of laid there.

Yes, Zoey. Kind of like you.

On the highway we saw cars that were old!

old timey car

old timey car

And old men driving them!

On a stop at a park we saw a very shiny car!

cool car

probably a lot of room for Zoey in the trunk

With loud music coming from inside!

And a dune buggy on the highway!

he looks cool

he looks cool

At a gas station I found a bug!

big bug

i found a bug!

Zoey! Those are not the same things.

But we hadn’t seen either before. This was a really big bug.

Duh, Zoey. Everything is bigger in Texas. We were at a gas station in Texas.


Anyway, we saw lots of beautiful and interesting things.

bridge at night

bridge at night

That bridge was very majestic and beautiful like you, Wrigley.

Oh, thank you Zoey.

I liked driving right over it.

There it is.

a new way of looking at things.

When we arrived in Flagstaff, Arizona, it was a rough time. Sarah and my Lisa were tired and cranky. Zoey was just about waffled out and was crying. I was starting to whine because I was tired of riding in the car. So we pulled into the Drury Inn and Suites in a whirlwind of whining and yelling.

they can still hear echoes of our car pulling up

they can still hear echoes of our car pulling up

My Lisa found the hotel on BringFido.com and we were excited to have a suite with a balcony. I will be honest, I had no idea what a balcony was.

I hoped it was a ball-cony.

Nope. You don’t even know what you are talking about.

But we checked in, loaded up the luggage cart and my Lisa went to park the car. Then we all went up the elevator and found our room. We were pros by this point at hotels. Elevators? No problem. Luggage carts? Not a problem. Different-shaped room? Piece of cake.

exploring our new room

exploring our new room


what the what?

(the face we make for a record scratch)

I’ll be real here for a minute. Zoey was a really cool customer with the balcony. And I, for once, was a little frightened.

Like you are with thunder.

Not relevant right now, Zoey, thank you.

And fireworks.

You’re keeping us from the most important point, which is that we had a balcony.

this seems strange

this seems strange

We were on the fourth floor. It was very high up.

Zoey is a daredevil

Zoey is a daredevil

Zoey was very trusting of the construction and engineering right away. I am a little bit more of a cautious dog, so I kept one foot in the door on the carpet for quite some time. It required a lot of stretching and a limber body. Fortunately, I am very light and malleable and flexible. I did not spend a lot of time on the balcony.

I ate my supper out there!

Yes. Zoey spent most of the evening and the next morning out there. Watching people walk and drive their cars. She had a great time.

i'll enjoy the balcony from the safety of the bed

i’ll enjoy the balcony from the safety of the bed

It was like she was mesmerized.

I liked it. You could see so far and so much. I felt like I was looking down on the earth from above, like I was a bird.

Oh… Zoey. You sound so smart.

Plus it was easier to bark at people from up there.

There it is. Back to normal.

we're up high

looking down over my reign

I mean really, Zoey.

Remember when Lisa put you in your pop up crate on the bed and you rolled off onto the ground? That was funny.

Hmm. Funny. That’s not how I would describe it for myself.

Sarah and Lisa and I laughed and laughed and laughed.



We have seen a lot of different terrain as we’ve driven across country.

wide open roads

wide open roads

Fortunately we had excellent weather for our trip. Not one drop of rain!

And no thunder. You’re terrified of thunder.

Yes, thank you Zoey. We really needed that information right now.

Back to what I was talking about. Terrain. We have seen rocks:

lots of rocks (in a hole)

lots of rocks (in a hole)

We have seen trees:

look at mee in front of the tree

look at mee in front of the tree

Zoey. Seriously. I’m trying to do something here.

We have seen mountains:

teepee on the mountain

teepee on the mountain

I think I teepeed there.

Zoey! Seriously! I’m being poetic about how big and beautiful and varied the terrain of our country is.


You’re excused. Now. We have seen sunsets:

goodbye sun

goodbye sun

We’ve seen all kinds of terrain.

We’ve even seen a Train. Get it?



Sigh. I can’t win. So, our country is big and pretty. There.

You’re pretty.

Now you’re finally making sense.